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*Terms and conditions

Every new Scalable Capital Broker client who fulfills the following requirements automatically participates in this campaign:

  • You become a Scalable Capital Broker client for the first time and open a brokerage account.
  • You have had your first trade successfully executed at the latest on the final trading day of the month following the opening of your account (in the form of a one-off purchase or savings plan execution).

Prerequisite for opening a brokerage account is a successful identification via any of the identification methods available for Scalable Capital Broker clients. The identification methods for clients are location-dependent. Furthermore, there must be no objective reasons against acceptance as a client.

Every participant will receive a stock or a share of an ETF. Each month, a random allocation of the following stocks or ETFs will be made among all participants in the campaign as a starting bonus:

  • 10 shares of Tesla Inc (US88160R1014)
  • 100 shares in Apple Inc (US0378331005)
  • 1,000 shares of Zalando SE (DE000ZAL1111)
  • Or a sustainable ETF from our PRIME partners

The bonuses are capital investments that are associated with risks. The value of these investments may fall or rise.

The bonus (starting bonus) is distributed by a non-public, random allocation. For this purpose, the participants in the campaign instruct Scalable Capital already now to place a trading order with Baader Bank AG via the Munich Stock Exchange (gettex) by way of contract brokerage for the acquisition of the respective allocated financial instrument via the Munich Stock Exchange (gettex). In due time after execution but before the booking of the respective trading order by the custodian bank, Scalable Capital will ensure that the respective credit balance required to cover the acquisition costs of the allocated financial instrument is available in the clearing accounts of the respective participants in the campaign. For the avoidance of doubt, participants in the promotion will not incur any costs for the acquisition of the allocated financial instrument as a result of participating in the promotion. Please refer to Section A. Pre-Contractual Information, Chapter V. Cost Transparency in the attached client documents with regard to other costs and incidental costs. Furthermore, the ETFs incur ongoing costs (p.a.) of up to 0.19 %, which reduce the expected return accordingly.

Insofar as participants do not wish to take part in this promotion, we kindly ask you to inform us in advance (via the means of communication indicated in the customer documents).

Each participant is responsible for the accuracy of the personal information relevant for participation in the promotion campaign (in particular his/her contact details). The new customers will be informed by e-mail about the stock or ETF allocation after the allocation has been made. If the new Broker client is no longer a Scalable Capital Broker client or does not have a positive cash balance in the brokerage clearing account at the time of the reward payout, the reward claim will be forfeited. The reward may be withheld or reclaimed in the event of a breach of these terms and conditions. Scalable Capital reserves the right to satisfy clawback claims (e.g. in case of forfeiture of the bonus or violation of the conditions of participation) from the Scalable Capital brokerage reference account of the client. This also applies in particular, but not exclusively, in the event of attempted manipulation, untrue information, in particular about the client's own person, the violation of legal provisions or the rights of third parties. For clients whose tax residency is Germany, the reward is tax-free if the Other Income (Sonstige Einkünfte) according to § 22 No. 3 of the German Income Tax Act (Einkommensteuergesetz, EStG) including this reward amounts to less than EUR 256.00 in a calendar year. Scalable Capital does not provide tax or legal advice and does not make any statements regarding the assessment of the individual tax situation (in particular corresponding obligations) of the client. This is solely the responsibility of the client and can be clarified, if necessary, e.g. with the responsible tax office or a tax advisor.

For clarification: New Scalable Capital Broker clients are all persons who have not yet been a customer of the Scalable Broker. Each participant can only receive one of the financial instruments mentioned. Multiple participation and multiple rewards are excluded. There is no entitlement to participation. Employees of Scalable GmbH and affiliated companies and their relatives are excluded from participation. Each participant is responsible for the accuracy of the personal information provided.

Scalable Capital is not liable for damages that may result from errors, delays or interruptions in transmission, malfunctions of technical equipment or other technical services, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data, computer viruses or in any other way during participation in the promotion campaign, unless such damages are caused by Scalable Capital (its officers, employees or agents) intentionally or through gross negligence or through the violation of cardinal obligations. Liability for damages caused by culpable injury to life, body and health remains unaffected.

The promotion runs until further notice. The selection of the stocks or ETFs for allocation does not constitute investment advice. Scalable Capital reserves the right (if there are factual reasons) to cancel or terminate the promotion campaign at any time for good cause without prior notice. This is particularly the case if for technical (e.g. computer viruses, manipulation or errors in the hardware and / or software) or legal reasons, the proper implementation of the promotion campaign can not be guaranteed. Legal recourse is excluded.

Insofar as translations of these Terms and Conditions of Participation are made in another language, these are exclusively non-binding translations. For the avoidance of doubt, only these Terms and Conditions of Participation (in English) shall be binding.

Appendix: Client documents