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There are risks associated with investing.

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This number is indicative of the risk of the product, with 1/6 indicating lower risk and 6/6 indicating higher risk.

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Stock trading


More than 7,800 stocks available


No minimum order volume


Unlimited in the trading flat rate starting from €250 or for only €0.99 per trade

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From €1 savings amount


Buy fractions of stocks via savings plans

1Product costs, spreads, crypto fees and /or inducements may apply.

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There are risks associated with investing.

What are stocks?

Stocks are securities with which companies raise money on the capital market. The most important features:


With the purchase of a stock, you acquire shares in a company.


Accordingly, the stock gives you a share in the assets as well as the profits and losses of the company.


Stocks generate higher long-term returns than other asset classes, but are also more risky.

You can read a more detailed explanation about what stocks are, what function they provide for companies and how stock prices evolve in our knowledge article.

Frequently asked questions

Why invest in stocks?

Profit: Stock trading influences the stock price and with a rising price the value of the stock also increases. Moreover, some companies additionally pay out part of these profits in the form of dividends.

Return opportunities: Historically, stocks have generated the highest returns of all forms of investment in relation to risk. Over the past 35 years, the German share index (DAX) has recorded an average annual return of eight to nine percent.

Participation rights: When you buy a stock, you get the right to vote at the annual general meeting and have a say in important decisions in the company.

Personal interests: You can support your favourite company or support areas that interest you, such as climate protection through e.g. investments in the solar or wind industry.

Which stocks can I invest in?

In principle, all stocks that are traded on the gettex stock exchange are available to you.

In which stocks should I invest?

The decision in which stock to invest is not always easy. You should consider important financial ratios such as the market capitalisation, the price-earnings-ratio, the dividend yield and more. You can also have a look at which stocks are included in the most important indices. We explain here what an index is.

What are the costs for trading stocks in the Scalable Broker?

You can choose between three models:
FREE Broker:
Invest in all savings plans from €1 and execute buys with an order volume of €250 or more in all products of our PRIME partners Amundi, iShares by BlackRock and DWS Xtrackers (Xetra trades excluded) without order fees1. For all other trades on gettex, order fees of €0.99 apply.

PRIME Broker:
For only €2.99 per month (billed annually at €35.88), in addition to savings plans from €1 on shares, ETFs and other exchange-traded products (ETP), you receive an unlimited number of trades on gettex without order fees* from €250 order volume. Trades below €250 cost €0.99 on gettex.

PRIME+ Broker:
In the PRIME+ Broker, you enjoy all the benefits of the PRIME Broker with flexible monthly payments at only €4.99 per month

Xetra trades:
For order execution via the Xetra stock exchange, all clients incur a fee of €3.99 per trade plus a trading venue fee (0.01% of the order volume, min. €1.50), regardless of the pricing model. The latter covers all third-party costs for trading and settlement. Partial executions are not charged more than once.

1 Product costs, spreads, inducements and crypto fees may apply.

Find a cost overview here.

Which stock exchanges are available?

Orders can be placed on gettex a stock exchange of Bayrische Börse AG, or Xetra, operated by Deutsche Börse AG. In principle, neither brokerage fees nor exchange fees are charged on gettex. The public law structure guarantees the neutrality that is indispensable for safeguarding the interests of market participants, investors, and issuers.

The order fee is €3.99 per order, also in the PRIME Broker or PRIME+ Broker. In addition to that, there is a trading fee for Xetra. For Scalable Broker this is only 0.01% of the executed volume (minimum €1.50). The trading venue fee covers all third-party costs for trading and settlement. The settlement is carried out by the custodian bank.

An overview of all costs can be found here.

How can I trade stocks?

Trading orders can only be accepted via the client area on the web or in the apps. Telephone orders in particular are expressly not possible. Select the desired stock in the client area. Use the "Buy" or "Sell" buttons to start the order process. The sell option is only available if you already hold shares in the security.

Can I set up a stock savings plan?

Many stocks that are available in the Scalable Broker can also be purchased through savings plans. There are no restrictions regarding the size of the company or the location of its headquarters.
We are constantly reviewing whether a savings plan function can be set up for new securities in order to constantly expand our offering.

How can I set up a savings plan?

Find the security you want through the search function and click on "Set up a savings plan" on the overview page. In the app, you will see the savings plan option underneath the “Buy” and “Sell” option, while in the web browser, you will see the option on the top right.
You can then select the amount you wish to invest, the frequency of the savings plan, the execution date, starting month and inflation adjustment.
You can also choose the deposit method: Deposits to fund your savings plans can be made by direct debit or from your Scalable account cash balance.
To confirm, click “Set up savings plan”.

Can I trade fractions?

Buy stock fractions: You cannot buy fractions directly. However, with all savings plans we also buy fractions of stocks for you so that your savings amount can be fully invested. As long as your savings plan is active, these fractions are repeatedly combined to form whole number securities.

Sell stock fractions: If you want to sell a security that has been acquired via a savings plan and therefore contains fractions, you can of course also sell the resulting fractions again. Please note that no individual fractions can be sold, but rather the entire position must be sold.

When do I receive dividends?

For stocks of German companies you are entitled to a dividend if you hold the stock in your securities account on the day of their Annual General Meeting (AGM). From the first trading day after the AGM, the stock is traded "ex-dividend", as from then on there is no longer any entitlement to dividends. When you receive a dividend, it is automatically credited to your clearing account. However, the actual distribution of the dividend does not have to take place immediately after the AGM.

For dividends from foreign companies, some of which pay out a dividend several times a year, please refer to the quarterly reports or the investor relations page of the respective company.

Can I participate in the Annual General Meeting?

If the possibility of participating in an Annual General Meeting exists, the custodian bank will inform you about this. This applies to companies with headquarters in the European Economic Area (ARUG II). The announcement will be made available to you in your Scalable mailbox in the corresponding document "Annual General Meeting". The fees for the issuance of admission tickets to an Annual General Meeting can be found in the Special Conditions to the List of Prices and Services (p. 68) of Baader Bank. When ordering admission tickets for a foreign Annual General Meeting, please note that third-party fees of the depositary bank of up to €150.00 may be incurred (Bundesgesetzblatt, BGBl I 2019, p. 2637).
Note: Your right to participate may lapse in whole or in part if you change your position shortly before the Annual General Meeting.
Taking into account the re-registration deadline, please send us the reply from the "Annual General Meeting" document with your instructions as a completed PDF by email to Please ensure that the information contained in this document is complete and readable when sending it. Instructions that are not sent in the defined format (PDF) cannot be processed.